Hi! Welcome to The Glass Half Full.

Before moving to Niagara Region, I always considered myself to be just another wine-drinking young adult.

I remember once seeing someone tear up while tasting an earthy red wine over dinner. That was the first time I realized the emotional connection a great glass of wine can have.

Fast forward four years and wine country is now in my backyard. With over 60% of Ontario’s wineries based in Niagara, I’ve attended my fair share of Wine Festivals and upgraded my status from beer-taster to beer-lover and wine-drinker to wine-lover.

So, what makes a glass of wine or beer amazing? For me, it’s about the process and the story.

My favourite way to spend weekends has become exploring all the incredible wineries and breweries that Niagara Region has to offer.

I find that by learning about the vintners and brewers, seeing the passion firsthand and uncovering the story about what goes into the bottle, from soil to cork, creates a memorable experience that resonates over time to the final flavour.

This blog will be my space to share the stories and tastes of wineries and breweries throughout Niagara Region.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or recommendations. Thanks for visiting!

Happy tasting!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I have very limited knowledge about wine because I am more of beer drinker. But if I would ask you to recommend me one local wine, which one would it be?

    1. Hi Saumay! Thanks for visiting 🙂 If I had to recommend one local wine so far, it would definitely be Foreign Affair‘s Temptress 2013, which is a red blend. It’s only available in limited supply at the winery, but it’s definitely worth the visit… I’ve been dreaming about it for a month! If you’re looking to try a white wine, I recommend Kacaba‘s 2014 Riesling, which is actually just down the road from Foreign Affair.

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