New Limburg: My Hometown Hero

Taking a detour from the heart of Niagara Region, this week’s brewery is not only close to my heart, but close to my hometown as well.

Nestled between Simcoe and (the best named village ever) Rattlesnake Harbour, New Limburg Brewery has managed to make a name for itself in the craft beer world, winning first prize at last month’s Great Ontario-Hopped Craft Beer Competition for their Belgian IPA.

Operating out of the former Nixon Public School, the unconventional microbrewery has kept much of the interior the same – complete with chalkboards lining the walls, desks in the classrooms, and water fountains adorning the hallways.

Opened in 2015, New Limburg was founded by father and son team Jo and Mischa Geven after realizing that their home brews were “too good to keep to themselves.” Choosing the name was a simple task, as Limburg refers to the province in the Netherlands where Jo comes from. The unique artwork on the labels was created by artist Yvonne Moonen.

“We want to make more flavourful beers – beer that might be an acquired taste,” Mischa said in a 2014 interview. “We’re interested in the Trappist kind of beers. They are more flavourful. They are usually higher in alcohol and they will be darker.”

A popular destination on weekends, New Limburg also has a small offering of traditional pub fair to complement any choice of beverage.

The Take Home

A sample flight at New Limburg allows you to sample four beers from their collection, my personal favourite being the fruity Belgian Blond.

Keep in mind if you are purchasing a bottle (or two) to take home, that New Limburg bottles are slightly larger (500 ml compared to the average 341 ml) and have a higher alcohol percentage (ranging from 5% to 10.5%), so these brews are best enjoyed with a friend.

8 thoughts on “New Limburg: My Hometown Hero

  1. AH! You got me with the title… I love Belgian style brews, and really love trying new places and breweries- I’m all about supporting local so thanks for the great recommendation Tandi. Totally looking forward to also giving the “Black Sheep” a try for my friend Lucas who owns a restaurant with the same name.

    Please keep this blog going!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting, Sam! 🙂 I love your blog too – since meeting you, you’ve definitely inspired me to support local even more! We will definitely have to swap recommendations and hopefully check out some of these places together.

  2. LOL, I find it so ironic that they’re making beer out of a former public school.
    “Too good to keep to themselves”, I love that they have such confidence in their beer!
    Do you have to visit the pub to try the beer or do they do orders online? Are their beers available anywhere else?

    1. Hey, Linnea! Thanks for checking out my blog. I thought it was hilarious too when I first stopped by at New Limburg… A little bit cheeky, but that’s why I like them 🙂 As of now, their beers are only available in-house and on tap at a couple locations in London, Ontario. I’ll definitely keep my eyes open and let you know if that changes! In the meantime, we’ll have to check it out this summer if you’re ever in the area.

  3. Hey Tandi,

    I awesome post! I love to learn about different small town businesses. I found this post especially interesting since I know now of a place that love Wit beers just as much as I do!

  4. Thanks for posting about beer! Wine isn’t all for me. I recently attended a winery – Peller Estates, you should make your next post about that one – and while I got a nice Instagram post from it, I’d rather beer.
    That said, I do enjoy red wine.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. If only my public school was like that. A good read that got me thirsty for a cold one. In your experience is there a food that you would recommend that pairs well with their Belgian Blond?

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